Four songs that make me sing at the top of my voice about the decisions we have made this year

You know those times where the songs we listen to strike a chord and you feel stupid listeing to them and singing along and doing the exact opposite to what they are telling you you should do? Well here are four songs that feel like the sountrack to my life right now.

I hope they make you quit your jobs and do something stupid.

PJ Bond - Grow Your Smile Wide.

I think its Ok to call out of work on a sunny day
Or better yet barely go at all, just learn how to survive on less pay
We can just live off their waste
All the great things they throw away
Are we geniuses or just insane?

I think the time has come for action
Something simple or something drastic
I know that this is not everyone
This train picks up lovers
Any of us who are sick and tired of all the should or have too’s
I think that I would rather be having fun


Kevin Devine - Noose Dressed Like a Necklace

So I don't see it like it's us and them
I just see everybody working for that same eternal weekend
Droning on and on and on and never doing what we wanted
Heavy legs two steps behind some forever dangling carrot.

and I'm tired of this
So who's to say that we can't just fucking change it?

and I know it seems dramatic
but I treat it like a crisis
The office to the coffin
All our time and talent wasted
and that weight against your throat
is that a noose dressed like a necklace?

From here I couldn't really tell the difference
either way I say let's not take any chances


Iron Chic - Timecop

remember when friends we're all we'd need?
day followed the night and we'd let it lead
in the basement
on the pavement
we couldn't conceive of an end to it
but it's not like that anymore
re-group, re-calculate
rushing in was our first mistake
re-think, re-calibrate
set our sights on something bigger
(maybe move on to better things)


Hot Water Music - Things on a Dashboard

And I build up scars, miles, and memories.
And I think of scars, miles, and memories.
When we pull up, all I feel is freedom,
(This is it and I’m not afraid to spread my wings and take this as home)
So I get up just to feel the freedom.
(Never killing this feeling of living truth.)