We are overwhelmed by how expensive Chile is now we are out on our own, just for one nights camping in a basic camp site was going to be £16 for one night at one place. A cheapish Hostel is £22 for one night including breakfast. We are about to hit a really long stretch of country with not a lot there; a few surf spots with limited access but nothing that sounds as all-time as we have surfed. When we get further North, there are a few spots we are really keen to see and surf before we hit Peru, we might hang around for a few days up there but for now, the wetsuits are dry and we need to get some miles on the clock. Tonight the bags will be packed and we will be ready for a long few days making it up North into the desert. We are aiming for about 2 weeks max until we are at the Peruvian border, probably one or two nights in Hostels, maybe a couple of nights with Alejandro's friends but mostly tents, miles, dust and sweat. In a way we are really looking forward to it, in other ways, we're dreading it. I'm sure it'll feel good to look back on the map and see the amount of the Earth we have covered on 150cc bikes (hopefully).

We arrived last night in Valparaiso, a big port town just West of Santiago, we decided to re-charge our batteries, get some sleep, shower and get ready for the road. The city is beautiful, so beautiful it has ideas rattling round our heads like crazy. Its built into a mountainside overlooking the Pacific and prides itself on colour. Art and creativity oozes from every brick, step and crack in the pavement. It's chaos and creativy give it an energy I haven't felt in a City before.

Here are a few photos and we will write again when we have some internet and time.


Nos Vemos x